U.S. Army MP School Antiterrorism Evasive Driving Diploma


This is a certificate for a graduate of the PROTECTIVE SERVICES TRAINING AND ANTITERRORISM EVASIVE DRIVING - STAFF DRIVER COURSE at the U.S. Army Military Police School. It is available for the MP School when it was located at Ft. McClellan, Alabama; and it is available for the MP School at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. At the time of purchase you must let me know which school certificate to send you. If you can provide adequate evidence of your attendance at the school, I can fill in your personal information including your rank, name, SN, and date of graduation. Or, I can mail you a blank certificate, but you will need to specify the date you want, as I have these signed by the various Commandants and I'd like to send you the correct one.

When you check out, you will have an opportunity to leave me a messsage. That's a good place to include your personal data or instructions. Or you can write me a note in the space provided during the PayPal checkout. Or simply write me an email.

This course has prepared the graduate to provide Protective Service Operations for executive level DoD leaders who are potential targets of terrorism and/or criminal acts. Emphasis was placed on the full spectrum of protective operations including Doctrine and Terminology, Coordination and Mission Planning, Protective Services in a Hostile Fire Zone, Special Weapons Training, Evasive Driving and Motorcade Operations. Training culminated with a comprehensive four-day practical exercise. and qualification with the MP5K Submachine Gun and M11 Pistol.

I have a variety of blank certificates from the Military Police School, and as a former military police officer I have concerns that such documents are used only for the purposes intended. Please do not try to use such a document as an official document or for any unethical or illegal purpose.


U.S. Army MP School Antiterrorism Evasive Driving Diploma
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